Sleep Test

If you answer Yes to more than 2 questions below, you are at risk for having a sleep related breathing disorder.


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SnoringDo you Snore Loudly (loud enough to be heard through closed doors or your bed-partner elbow you for snoring at night)? 

Tired - Do you often feel Tired, Fatigued, or Sleepy during the daytime (such as falling asleep during driving)?

Observed - Has anyone Observed you Stop Breathing or Choking/Gasping during your sleep? 

Pressure Do you have or are being treated for High Blood Pressure?

Body Mass Index More than 10% over ideal range?

Age Older than 50?

Neck Size - (Measure around Adams apple) Male is your shirt collar 17" or larger? Female, is your shirt collar 16" or larger?

Gender Male?

If you answered yes to more than 2 questions, click on the "request appointment" below to schedule a consultation with our practice.