Atlantis® Conus


A conometric implant-supported dental prosthesis is a solution that uses a tapered cone design to retain a cap on the abutment by surface friction. The telescopic abutment design and manufacturing standards provide a stable yet removable non-resilient prosthesis.

The Atlantis Conus concept is patient-specific, compatible with all major implant systems, and provides edentulous patients with optimal comfort, ease of use and function:

  • Precision – Virtual Atlantis Design (VAD) proprietary software ensures that abutments are designed to be precisely parallel for optimal fit and long-term function of the prosthesis
  • Comfort — a palate-free option increases taste and speech capabilities, helping patients eat, speak and smile with confidence for an overall improved health and quality of life
  • Esthetics — indicated lip and cheek support provides esthetic results for all edentulous situations
  • Simplified cleaning — removable by the patient for optimal hygiene and maintenance routines
  • Cost-effective — no extra retention elements and routine follow-up for replacement of retention elements, saving both time and money for the patient

The Atlantis Conus concept can help expand treatment possibilities because it can compensate for resorption and malposition of the alveolar ridge, which can present limitations for fixed solutions.